Paul Hoffert / Chair


A Special Message

Chris Frank, our colleague and long-time dedicated Bell Fund Board member, is taking a well-earned retirement from Bell TV and the Bell Fund in early 2011.  Since joining the Bell Fund Board back in 2000, Chris has nurtured the growth and influence of the Fund, while ensuring that we meet rigorous governance standards.  On behalf of all Bell Fund Board members and staff, our thanks go to Chris for his exceptional contributions and commitment.  We will miss his witty sense of humour, his vast experience in Canadian broadcasting, and his esoteric knowledge of bobsledding and international rugby. 


The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund is proud to assist and promote the production of Canadian programs and content on television and other media. Since we opened our doors in 1997, we have provided $93 million in cash as well as organizational support, training and facilitation.

Back in 1997, the operative word for integrating Web and TV content was "convergence" and the Bell Fund was alone in providing grants for such production. Today, our industries speak of "multiple content platforms" and the Bell Fund has been joined by the Canada Media Fund and others who provide assistance for cross-platform content production.

Despite the increased support, 2010 was a challenging year for the television and new media industries. The formerly clear distinction between broadcasting and Internet distribution has become blurred now that mobile phones, media tablets, netbooks, P2P, and Internet-to-TV boxes are increasingly used by consumers to get their television content. Hugely popular iPads now compete with computer monitors and television sets for viewer's time share, while traditional broadcasters introduce new on-demand services that use Internet distribution to satisfy their subscribers' demands for everything, anytime, anywhere, at low cost.

The Bell Fund is a private organization that operates in a regulated environment. We try to respond quickly to producers' and broadcasters changing needs and to make our programs and processes efficient, transparent, and relatively hassle-free. We are committed to sustaining Canada's enviable reputation for creating and producing excellent content and to improving our clients' business models and bottom lines.

We thank Bell TV for their annual contributions to the Bell Fund, as well as Cablevision du Nord de Québec, Aliant and BCE/CTV benefits, which make our support of the industry possible.