To advance the Canadian broadcasting system, the Bell Fund encourages and funds the creation of excellent Canadian digital media, promotes partnerships and sustainable businesses in the broadcast and new media sectors, engages in research and sharing knowledge and enhances the national and international profile of industry stakeholders.

Eligible Applicants

  • Must be Canadian, and in the case of a company, must be Canadian-controlled.
  • Must be an independent producer or broadcaster-affiliated production company.

Eligible Projects

  • Must include both a new media component as well as a television component. - The television component must be certified Canadian (8 points minimum) under the rules of the CRTC.
  • The television component must have a broadcast licence commitment from a Canadian broadcaster.
  • The television component may not be news, reporting and actualities, or sports programming.

Financial Participation – Production Program

  • The new media component is eligible for a grant not to exceed 75% of its costs of production to a maximum of $250,000.
  • The new media component is also eligible for a bonus to match any broadcaster cash contribution, to a maximum of $100,000. Starting October 1, 2010, the matching bonus is applicable only to the incremental amount that exceeds the required 10% broadcaster(s) cash licence for projects financed through the CMF's Digital Media Fund.
  • The television component is eligible for a grant based on 75% of the Canadian broadcast licence fee to a maximum of $75,000.
  • >Low Budget Interactive Digital Media Program funds up to 75% of the costs of production for projects with budgets that do not exceed $100,000. The television component must meet all Bell Fund Guidelines, but is not eligible for funding.

Financial Participation – Development Program

  • The new media component is eligible for a grant not to exceed 75% of the costs of development to a maximum of $50,000.
  • Professional development grants are available to non-profit industry organizations to provide training and educational services that reflect the objectives of the Fund.

Deadlines for Application

February 1, May 1, October 1


The Bell Fund is a not-for-profit organization which receives financial contributions from Bell TV under the terms of section 29 (2) of the Broadcasting Distribution Regulations. It is administered by the Independent Production Fund.

Consultants, personel and contact information 

Toronto                                                                                     Montreal
Andra Sheffer, Executive Director Claire Dion, Associate Director
Charles Zamaria, Financial Director Danielle Blain, Consultant - Financial Analyst          
Howard Rosen, Business Affairs Manager Joanne Duguay, Coordinator
Carly McGowan, Program Manager Huguette Giroux, Assistant to the Director
Lisa Baylin, Program Manager
Marcia Douglas, Project Coordinator

2 Carlton St., Suite 1709
Toronto, ON  M5B 1J3
Tel: (416) 977-8154
Fax: (416) 977-0694

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